ZhangJiang Future Park Pavilion

  • Architects: Huajian Group Shanghai Architectural Design & Research Institute
  • Area: 5312 m²
  • Year: 2019
  • Photographs: ACF domain graph vision
  • Manufacturers: JianbangJianlangRuijidaYaoxingYinghuaZhijiang

The ZhangJiang Future Park Pavilion is located closely to the ZhangJiang Artificial Intelligence (AI) Island, currently the only AI industrial park in Shanghai. The pavilion is designed as a platform for the visitors to experience the future, in which the most pioneered AI technologies are exhibited and constantly updated

The ZhangJiang Future Park Pavilion has various indoor and outdoor AI installations to interpret the concept of AI. The visitors could not only experience the latest AI technology at the various exhibitions, but also experience numerous AI installations throughout the pavilion, such as the unmanned vehicles and the luminescent stones

The layout of the ZhangJiang Future Park Pavilion focuses on minimizing the boundaries among different spaces. There are four thematic pavilions, an elliptical-shaped entrance hall and an outdoor central plaza linked by the ring-shaped corridor. This layout not only allows the visitors come into each pavilion more conveniently, but also creates many communal spaces for outdoor displays. In addition, there is a driver-less car display space around the pavilion

We tried to imagine the appearance of the future architecture and to place it into the design. The roof of the ZhangJiang Future Park Pavilion is welded by 8mm seamless thick steel plates with corrugated form; The overhang is composed of large and highly reflective perforated stainless steel panels which creates a sense of blurry, minimizing the boundaries between the inside and outside; In addition, the facade utilizes the 5.3-meter-high hidden frame glass curtain wall. Moreover, numerous luminescent stones are placed with special form in the central plaza; the polyester and LED strips on the corridor ceiling also create a sense of future

The ZhangJiang Future Park Pavilion is not only an exhibition center for the future life, but also a platform for the technology fans. We wish that the visitors here will not only have access to the cutting-edge AI technology, but also will be given new perspective, find new possibilities, and experience the future


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