Seoul Art and Photographic Museum

:project info

architecture: MASK architects

project name: seoul photographic art museum

location: seoul, korea

turkish architect öznur pınar çer’s firm MASK architects has designed the ‘the seoul photographic art museum‘, located on the cultural and art facilities of dobong-g u in the northeastern part of the korean city. the concept for the museum was creating a ‘camera obscura ‘ with the mission of documenting and providing a better understanding of seoul’s history and the way it has managed to balance innovation and tradition. the ‘camera obscura’ rooftop installation is an ideal way to showcase the developing skyline of seoul’s city view at the exhibition rooms and showcase the sky view at the top of the exhibition area in the building 

project designer’s öznur pınar çer says ‘this project aims to create a new experience for visitors by creating a ‘camera obscura’ installation on top of the museum’s roof and exhibition rooms… bringing together a synthesis of ancient and new technology that adds value to the seoul photographic art museum’s mission of entertaining while educating its audience

MASK architects claim the design will attract the interest of both photographers and the general public making it a landmark and underlining the fact that the museum is actually the first photographic art museum in seoul. ‘the combination of education and entertainment also brings the history and future of photography in the same place and at the same time in a way that will make the museum’s building a perfect synthesis of past and future that we find is a thriving value in contemporary seoul.’ says the designer in MASK architects

the camera obscura turns the seoul photographic art museum into the first public building in the city to host such a special and attractive design. one of the key values of the proposal was to enhance the educational role of the building by using an invention, which also work as a great introduction to the world of photography

visitors that stand around the gallery space will virtually walk among the clouds, using a technology that requires nothing but sunshine. moreover, by tilting the lens of the camera, the designers are able to show segments of the city’s urban landscape, immersing visitors in a new reality and making them participate in actual living photography of the city


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