Kengo Kuma completes first building in Australia

طراحی مرکز اجتماع و خلاقیت در شهر سیدنی توسط کنگو کوما

این پروژه اولین اثر این معمارژاپنی در کشور استرالیا می باشد.این مرکز اجتماع و خلاقیت با نام دارلینگ اکسچنج با ارتفاع 30متر و نمایی چوبی (استفاده از 20 هزار متر چوب)در شش طبقه طراحی شده است و در میدان دارلینگ شهر سیدنی (محله ای واقع در حومه ی غربی این شهر)واقع شده است.

کنگو کوما درباره ی این پروژه می گوید:هدف ما در این پروژه ایجاد فضایی باز و ملموس برای جامعه بوده است.این هدف  در هندسه به صورت فرمی دایره ای نمایان میشود که ساختمان را از جهات متعدد قابل دسترسی و قابل تشخیص می کند.

Kengo Kuma completes first building in Australia

Ribbons of wood wrap around The Exchange by Kengo Kuma, which has opened in Darling Square, Sydney, Australia

The photos captured by Martin Mischkulnig reveal the spiralling form of the six-storey civic centre, which is Japanese architect Kuma’s first building in AustraliaNow open to the public, the building is wrapped in 20,000 metres of light-coloured wood that Kuma has arranged in “a dynamic and exciting manner” to offer passersby glimpses of activity inside

Kuma first revealed plans for The Exchange in 2016 as the focal point of Darling Square, a neighbourhood located on western outskirts of the Sydney central business district in Darling Harbour

At the time of its reveal, he said the building was designed as a landmark that would be recognisable from all angles

Our aim is to achieve architecture that is as open and tangible as possible to the community, and this is reflected in the circular geometry that creates a building that is accessible and recognisable from multiple directions,” said Kuma

“The wooden screen wraps the exterior of the building in a dynamic and exciting manner, a historical reference to Darling Harbour originally being a hive of business activity and a focal point as a market exchange

The characterful form of The Exchange is created by the staggering of its six curved floorplates, enveloped by angled walkways

Though the photos do not reveal the interior of the building, it contains a library, childcare centre, market hall and a “makerspace” to support creative and technology start-ups. There is also a rooftop bar and restaurant with views over Tumbalong Park, the Chinese Gardens and Cockle Bay

Darling Square and The Exchange are being developed by property company and contractor Lendlease as part of the revitalisation of Darling Harbour that is being overseen by architecture studios OMA, Hassell and Populous

The redevelopment will provide housing for 4,200 people and is hoped to create 2,500 jobs, while also attracting more visitors and activity to the area


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