Iconic Mosque in Dubai

Dubai Iconic Mosque “Dubai Pearl”

 design was basically inspired from the Pearl and shell which was the main source of life in the old age of Dubai. The eight gates were inspired from the belief that there are 8 gates to the heaven in Islam as well as 8 angels which are holding the throne

Architecture firm: LYX arkitekter

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Built area: 10.000 m²

Project name: Dubai Iconic Mosque

Principal architect: Muein Fallaha

Design team: Imran Suhail

Interior design: Rasha Karema

Design year: 2018

The minaret was emerging from the earth to vanish in the sky to for a sail shape

The aim of this concept was to Blend the local tradition of UAE, the Islamic heritage and to reflect the modern vision of Dubai

The local Tradition: The design was basically inspired from the Pearl and shell, as you might know that Pearl diving was once the most famous profession in the United Arab Emirates and was part of the UAE culture that dates back around 7,000 years. that’s why we formed the shape of the main envelope of the mosque as a shell carrying a big pearl which forms the dome of the mosque and act as a skylight in the daytime to illuminate the main prayer hall, while it will convert into lantern which gives a fascinating atmosphere to the Dubai Creek in the evening

The Islamic Heritage: The eight gates were inspired from the belief that there are 8 gates to the heaven in Islam as well as 8 angels which are holding the throne. these eight gates arches will form the shell and will merge together to get unified in the Mihrab where the imam stands to lead the prayers

The Modern Vision of Dubai: to blend the local tradition and Islamic symbolism into a modern iconic shape was a challenge, the abstraction of the idea was the solution which we followed in this design, the form was simplified into three elements, The shell which forms the eight gates, The pearl which act as a dome and sky light, and finally the minaret which emerge from the earth to vanish into the sky creating a sail shape which conveys the peaceful message of worshiper and transform it to a spiritual icon added to the tranquility of Dubai Creek

Iconic Mosque in Dubai

The Project has a 10.000 m² built area consisting of main mosque “which can accommodate 7500 worshipers”, accommodation block, and the basement which include culture center, ablution, and parking


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